Step 1: Examine

At Invictus, we help organizations look at their current situation to see what’s working and what’s not. This discovery process propels organizations into a place of elevation, traction and evolution.


This happens by examining 3 things:

1. Mission and Vision

Our team helps organizations gather relevant information relative to programming metrics, staff and congregant surveys, strength-based leadership assessment and training, and much more. All of which help ensure the needs of an organization are met, as well as fulfills the mission and vision. When organizations are in-the-know about their inner workings, they are better equipped to make informed decisions and thrive.

2. Philosophy & Strategy

We ask the tough questions, facilitating high-level conversations that clarify the who, what, where, when and why. Our goal is to figure out how to get an organization to its reach their full potential by bringing key information and direction to the surface.

3. Strategic Analytics

Information to allow fearless decision-making…It’s been said that “Information is power…” Why make uninformed decisions relative to the strategic growth and development of an organization? It seems crazy; yet, organizations and ministries do it every day. Our team can help you gather information about your organization relative to programming metrics, staff and congregant surveys, strength-based leadership assessment and training, etc. Information that will help you fulfill the needs of your organization and make informed decisions that accurately help you fulfill the mission and vision.



Step 2: Elevate

Once you’ve examined your organization, the natural progression is to elevate your ideation, planning and implementation to the next level. More often than not, organizations do this prematurely—moving in the wrong direction too quickly or the right direction the wrong way.


This happens through the following:

  • Initial and ongoing coaching support
  • Management or project management

  • Growth projections and analytics

  • Decision and planning processes



Step 3: Expand

Now, this is the exciting part of what we do! We help organizations take the big leap and establish real movement toward tangible growth. Uniquely, our team has the ability to assist in moving through creative concept and design to implementation both on and offline. We have a distinct specialty in the church multi-site development world, having built multiple campuses for ministries.


Expand through Design

Branding Development

Our branding team can develop logo, graphic and web design to fit the culture and character of your organization.

Website Development

Our building group can research, assess and purchase or lease properties. Once architectural drawings are approved, we can build your space or location.

Architectural Plans

Our renowned construction team can guide your organization through the entire programming and architectural design process.

Organizational Programming

We can facilitate the conversation and planning of facility use for individual departments, in other words, how a department will utilize future space and ultimately the way that space needs to function and be designed.

Expand through Build

Land Acquisition

Our building group can research, assess and purchase or lease properties. Once architectural drawings are approved, we can build your space or location.

Building Construction or Renovation and Construction Management

The Invictus build team has more than 25 years experience in building and design.

Multimedia and A/V Design and Installation

We have a specialty in franchise development and A/V technology in large and small meeting venues for multiple applications.